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Samsung 2443BW review

monitor features, photos and specification
Only one note to samsung's list of features:Forget about 20 000 dynamic contrast ratio. Turning it on brings strangely looking effects. It just looks bad in films and games, but you can probably use it watching fullscreen photos. For example during the zoom in the beginning of Resident Evil lab is dark when it's far, but suddenly it becomes bright(black to white ratio just crossed limit and monitor gives more power to backlight).

simple, black, looks ok

Static image:
Static pictures looks quite good, but something is lacking. Probably that's because 82% coverage of color gamut or because black is weak. Pictures looks better when you sit far away from monitor(about 1.5meter). I think that's because of how the TN display pixels..if you see gaps between them - you sit to close!;p

Full HD looks just great! With high brightness even view angles are not so bad. Biggest problem during watching is tearing during fast action(look below).

I don't know why but tearing wasn't so visible during games. Moreover there is almost no input lag(look below) and motion blur is hardly visible which makes this monitor almost perfect for gaming.

1920x1200 it's a lot of space. Combining it with 4 virtual desktop, "smart placement" and "scale" from Compiz or kwin made my work more effective then ever. I almost don't need moving windows by dragging them with alt button. Power consumption shold be quite low(max 50W) but I haven't messured it. Last but not least my eyes are less tired then they were with CRT(anyway I still try to take a break every hour)

Input lag:
I've taken 17 photos of this counter using Nikon D40 camera compering input lag of 2443BW with Samsung CRT 795DF monitor which should have near to zero input lag. I was a bit surprised because I found that 2443BW in 15 photos have 0(!) input lag, once it was 25ms and once 28ms. I'm quite impressed.

On desktop and in game it wasn't very noticeable. Vertical movement have almost no tearing but horizontal is sometimes visible. Unfortunately when you rotate monitor 90 degrees for reading websites it becomes clearly visible(especially on slashdot. It's not a big deal, because I rarely read and scroll same time:), but I don't like it during films. I tried with or without v-blank but I gained nothing.

Inverse ghosting:
not visible

To sum up it's quite good monitor in this price range. All it's disadvantages exists because of TN display, but you won't find *VA or IPS for this price(I bought it for 900PLN ~ 200EUR)
office work: v.good
professional(?) graphics: v. bad(This monitor is not designed for professional computer graphic. I would say that it's not designed for unprofessional graphic either. If you need monitor mainly for GIMP or Photoshop look for a *VA or IPS monitors. )

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  2. Thanks, very useful!

    Your observations seem to confirm the 2443bw being a cheaper (newer?) version of 2493hm without a glossy bevel and HDMI. Otherwise, I suppose they have the same panel and electronics.

    ...and 2493hm is tested here: